When We Stop

Throughout 2015, I embraced a year of silence, stillness, and reflection in order to bring myself back to center again and hopefully feel more balanced and at peace.

I shared about my intentions before beginning this experiment here.

I blogged about my journey here.

I’m currently writing a book about all that I learned during this time and how it changed me forever (which it definitely did). I look forward to sharing it with you when it comes out! If you would like to be notified when it does, please click here to subscribe. (You’ll receive a free guided meditation, too!)

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A New Beginning

My official year of silence came to an end on December 31st. Part of me was relieved that I could speak freely again and part of me was sad that the experiment was over. I just went back through my posts here and the frequency of them really tells a story behind the posts themselves. In January (when the experiment began), I shared the most posts. I could feel my mind whirling and my energy almost frenetic when I read them now. I was a hummingbird – flitting here and there – in constant motion in my body and also … Continue reading

Day 261: Welcome Home

When I began this project, it was exactly that: an experiment that the sociologist in me clung to. “How would one’s life change if they dramatically pulled themselves back from the world for an extended period of time? How would they change? How would those around them change? What would they experience during this period? What could they hope to learn?” Without realizing it, I went into this from a researcher’s perspective and was excited and determined to report what I found. I would go into “the trenches” and see what could be excavated – discover what would happen when we … Continue reading


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